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I am David , an amateur backend developer.

Published projects


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A webapp with a list of my novels, a reading area, a forum (which implies user accounts, profiles, control panels, some CRUDs for me...)... etc. It was my first project and it had a full evolution from a very simple website (with only HTML and CSS) to a complete webapp with a lot of functions, libraries...


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This website: a list of my web projects. PHP only used for a cookie for remember the chosen language.

Projects in development

This projects are in development yet, so some screenshots have been edited for customer privacy.

libreria [codename]

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A webapp for a bookshop with a public area for watch the stock of books and them habitual information (author, publisher, cover, ISBN...), a contact form and a private area for the workers of the company with access to a CRUD for manage the database of the books. In addition, the database has two user permission levels and only administrators can manage the users, but the manage of book's stock and them information are open to all workers.

fansub [codename]

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A webapp for manage and share a fansub content. With a completely customised and adapted design like no other fansub has, message boards, age control for adult content, customised contact forms...

abogado [codename]

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A simple but powerful webapp for lawyers. With some images and information for publish the professional activity, a form to request an appointment...










Another skills

S.O. installation and fine tunning

PC repair and cleaning

Malware elimination

Networks installation

About me

I studied the superior grade of Administration of Networked Computer Systems in 2018 when I was 27 years old, but it included a basic course about websites making. Step by step I went interesting more and more about this until I decided to make my own website to promocionate a fantasy novel which I wrote a few years ago, but at last this didn't finish here: while I made my website I was liking web developing more and more, and finally I entered to internet to learn more about this... And I am here now, and I want to be a backend developer. For the moment (year 2021) I am studing the superior grade of Web Apps Developing and a course of Laravel.